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By accepting Zona's terms of service and privacy policy you agree to share your name and e-mail with the developers. We won't read or use any information from users. We will not provide any personal data to third parties.

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Do I have to create an account to view posts?

Yes, you have to create an account to view posts from other users and upload photo's on your own account.

Is my personal data safe on Zona?

Zona is currently in a alpha version. This means that this site is still under construction, but you could use and help us testing some of the features we already finished developing. But we made sure we couldn't read your password. It is encrypted, which means your password is unreadable in a lot of random characters when shown. What the developers can read is your name and e-mail. Other users on Zona can only see your name, not your e-mail address. If you want to really stay safe, we would recommend using an alternative e-mail account and a simple password you don't use as your main password.